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Information about deliveries and the possibility to return


Your order will be processed within 1 working day and shipped from the Netherlands via PostNL using track & trace parcel service with signature upon receipt**.

**for customers within the Netherlands: your order is generally shipped in a “brievenbuspakket” with track and trace but no signature required for receipt. Large size frames and/or larger orders will be shipped as a parcel.

Please allow 1 to 5 days delivery time, depending your location.

We deliver orders Worldwide. Depending your shipping location, the following Handling & Shipping (H&S) charges, discounts or restrictions apply:

The Netherlands:
H&S 5 Euro/order;
free shipping > 35 Euro/order.

United Kingdom (excl. Gibraltar & Channel Islands):
H&S 7,50 Euro’s/order;
free shipping > 35 Euro/order.

European Union:

H&S 7,50 Euro/order;
free shipping > 35 Euro/order.

France (incl. Monaco & Corse)/Denmark (excl. Greenland & Faroer)/Italy (excl. San Marino & Vatican City)/Austria:
H&S 10 Euro/order;
free shipping > 35 Euro/order

Finland/Sweden/Greece/Ireland/Poland/Portugal/ Czech Republic/Slovakia:
H&S 12,50 Euro/order;
free shipping > 35 Euro/order

Rest of EU countries:
H&S 12,50 Euro/order;
free shipping > 35 Euro/order

Rest of World***:

H&S 20 Euro/order;
free shipping > 35 Euro/order.

***when ordering you accept to be recipient of any additional cost (e.g. customs/import charges) that may occur regarding delivery of your order.

You can also choose a shipping method other than our proposal at checkout.

Example: you wish to ship via your own DHL/UPS/OTHER SHIPPER account. It is possible that a handling surcharge applies for this.

Please contact us per email to verify before you place your order.

Sunheroes unfortunately has no influence on delays that may occur at PostNL or other carrier. This also applies to E-mails we send to your given email address (always check your spam folder).

Please track & check regularly the whereabouts of your parcel while in transit

Once Sunheroes has handed your purchase over to PostNL, you will receive an email notification with a trackingnumber of your shipment. Tracking the delivery from your end will minimize missing the handover or pickup opportunity of your package!

Sometimes and unfortunately, despite us shipping your order on a “Door to Door” label, the local delivery agent choses to deliver to a drop-off point only, without notifying either us or you. Hence, regular tracking will notify you of this happening. When in doubt: please contact us in time by email, so we can assist in sorting the delay in delivery.

When a package is returned to us “unaccepted” or “not picked up” and unopened, we will reimburse the cost price of the purchased item but not your shipping cost.

If your order was shipped “free of shipping charges”, we deduct the cost of return shipment of your unclaimed delivery from the cost price of the purchased item.

Right to Return

Sunheroes ensures that your ordered items are in mint condition, checked for any production faults and damages before packing and that your return package is properly packed and addressed to ensure undamaged and accurate delivery.

Receipt of Parcel

When your order is offered to you upon delivery, please check that the package is delivered to you undamaged (i.e. not squashed, not torn, not opened etc.). If damage shows: do not sign/accept delivery ! it will be returned to us without any inconvenience to you. Please notify us by email if this occurs and we will reimburse your purchase or resend your order anew at your request upon receipt of the damaged shipment.

IMPORTANT!: If we have mistakenly sent you a different item than ordered (be it a different model or a different colourway), please notify us via email and add a picture of the item received. This allows us to amend our mistake at minimum mutual cost & effort.

In the unlikely event that you are not satisfied with you purchased item(s) and wish to return, you have 28 days to do so after receipt of your order. Please note that you will return the product without damage or trace of use, in its original packing and securely packed to avoid any damage during transport.

Please follow the guidelines:

  • Click here for the return form and fill out complete.
  • Cut off the top of the form to use as address sticker. Please insert the bottom of the form in the return package.
  • Please send your return shipment with sufficient postage cost to our Office address.

Upon receipt of your return shipment, we will proceed by following your stated wishes on the return form or contact you via email to verify them:

  • Reimbursement of the cost price of the returned items plus the equivalent of the H&S charge of your initial order:

Example A: you purchased 3 items and paid 15 Euros for H&S: you will receive back 5 Euro of these charges/per returned item and the total cost price of the returned item.

Example B: your order was shipped without H&S charges: you will get reimbursed for the cost price of the returned items only.

Reimbursement of your payment, in case of non-delivery returns due to non-acceptance from your part, or faulty delivery address details given:

  • We will deduct the cost of the return charges of your reimbursement.


All our products have a 12-month warranty for production and mounting errors. Any damage that cannot be attributed to normal use and wear falls under this product guarantee.

Please read and follow guidelines provided for proper use and maintenance.

Please always contact us first via email if you have a query or complaint regarding warranty issues and make sure you can show us your original purchase invoice upon request.

We will address all your queries individually and seriously.

Return address and email:
Laan van Kronenburg 14 – 6th floor
Mailbox 87
1183AS Amstelveen
The Netherlands
T. +31-20-6140991





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