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sunglasses you won’t see anywhere else

We started the Sunheroes brand a few years ago with the following principle: Designing super trendy sunglasses that you can’t buy from any other brand (yet)!
Either completely new, or with a nod to the trend or in colors that you see nowhere else!
All from our Dutch design kitchen: Dutch Design!
And normally priced! You still want a new pair of sunglasses or maybe a few other sunglasses every season?

premium collection

The hottest designs with polarized glasses in the most original packaging!
Always in Limited Edition.

basic collection

This year’s trends
but original & with a Sunheroes twist!

we care about the environment

Our original molds and Eyewear Frames and lenses are produced in China. We cooperate in a longstanding relationship with a Trading Company in Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province, which transfers all our production orders to carefully selected manufacturers. In this way we can set up and control the entire production process from start (sourcing of raw materials) to finish (shipping to NL):

ESG-criteria (Environmental, Social, Governance)
GRS-Global Recycling Standard – On all new production going forward from 1-1-2022, we have our partners fully committed to and audited for the GRS.
This means that from date mentioned our products are produced using maximum levels of recycled material, without affecting the output quality.
RPET- 100% recycled PET (our microfiber pouch & cleaning cloth)
RPCTG (50% of our new PC frames) – recycled from transparent bottles, caps & post-consumer plastics.
Bio-based Acetate.
TC- transaction certificate.

All steps in the production process are registered in a log. From product content to who is contributing to what, is completely transparent and retraceable.
Since the 1st of January 2022 we have also partnered with leading PRO company LEKO (ID FR238388_01SNAO) within the frameworks of new EPR legislation being implemented. As such we continue to make our commitment and contribution to the prevention and management of waste even more tangible. With the help of our partners we take significant degree of responsibility for the environmental impacts of our products throughout the product life-cycle.

Free return of product to ensure 100% recycling.

Free return form for used frames / pouches for recycling purposes, against receipt of 10% deposit on a new purchase.

the end result

80% of the production of glasses consists of manual work: from continuous manual control of what is produced mechanically to the assembly of the glasses and their final packaging. We take samples from every production run that we test in our own lab. As an additional check, we send random samples to an independent laboratory. They test the glasses against the current European quality standard.

The above of course has its price. Only if we want to pay a fair price to the manufacturer can we expect a product that meets our requirements.
And if we didn’t check everything ourselves, it might just be that we would be cheaper for “the same” glasses.
“If you see it then you understand” and vice versa of course.

We therefore ask you for a fair price.

You must also know that we are trying to be a transparent brand. Do you have questions, comments or suggestions; Do you want to visit our office, warehouse or our colleagues in China or visit a factory in China yourself? Let us know!


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